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the IT department

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Whether you choose one of our monthly packages or pay-as-you-go, you'll find our responsive, "can do" attitude complements our expertise perfectly. And, you will find our prices very competitive as well.

If Information Technology is important to your business and you think we can help you to make sense of it all, let's have a chat about how we can help you to get the most from your IT.


Self Help

We have compiled a list of common issues and how you might get round them yourself. If you can't find your issue or if you would like us to implement the solution for you, give us a call. Please note that individual circumstances can influence how effective these tips might be in each case so we are unable to guarantee that you will get the results you expect. Any solutions that you implement are necessarily at your own risk.

Self Help...

Telephone Assistance

If you just want to ask us how to perform some task, like how to insert an image into a Word document or how to protect a spreadsheet from accidental updates, give us a call and we'll talk you through it.

Within reason, there is no charge for this service. If we, or indeed you, feel that the issue requires an extended conversation(s) then we may, at our discretion, need to apply a fee based on our standard rates. No fees will be applied without your consent.

Remote Support

Most of the problems you are likely to encounter can be resolved without us needing to visit your premises. Simply follow our instructions to download our remote support agent and we will be able to access your machine as if we were sitting in front of it! Be assured, however, we will never do so without your permission. Remote support is available on a pay-as-you-go basis and it is included at no extra charge within our pay-monthly support package.

Rather than waiting for your PC to degrade or stop working, we can keep an eye on its health from our control centre. When we spot an issue (or a potential issue), we can access the offending machine using our Remote Support tool as above. This service is only available as part of a monthly pre-pay option, which also includes unlimited remote support sessions as necessary.

Please review our pricing table for current rates.

On-site Support

In the event that we are unable to resolve an issue remotely, perhaps because your Internet connection is part of the problem or we need physical access to your equipment, we will send a technician to you at a mutually convenient time.

Site visits are billed at our standard hourly rate and include limited travel time. Please review our pricing table for current rates.

Other Services

In addition to those listed here, we do offer a full range of IT services, including IT effectiveness review, website creation and maintenance, training, and cloud-based software (software as a service) offerings. Please contact the IT department to discuss your needs. Our fees in this instance will depend on the specific project and will be subject to a quote.

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